CI’s mission was to provide charities and their advisers, a free online hub for the selection, review and comparison of investment charity managers. Our unique shared services help to reduce costs and increase efficiency. With 30 years’ experience in helping charities transform their precious money into effective investments, we understand the financial, regulatory and governance challenges faced by the sector.


Our mission

We are an independent information services firm, not a financial services provider.

  • We do not provide any type of financial, tax or legal advice
  • No financial professional or firm is affiliated with CI
  • No financial professional or firm has an equity interest in CI

We believe the more you know about investment managers, the higher the probability you will select the best investment manager for the right reasons.

What we do

We provide free information, tools and services to charity investors who rely on investment managers to help them achieve their financial goals.

The more you know about investment managers, the higher the probability you will select the manager suitable for your charity.

We provide the facts. You select the best investment manager.

Why CI

  • Independent
  • Experts
  • Save money and time - Everything you need to know about charity investment managers is on this website.
  • Control - In the past, if you wanted to learn more about an investment manager, you had to talk to the investment manager. Using the unique CI hub, you can learn a lot about different investment managers and retain your anonymity until you are ready to contact or start a conversation.
  • Free - All of the information and services on this website are provided FREE to investors. We have nothing to sell you.
  • Privacy - Registration is required to access our FREE information and services. We will not pass on any contact details until you request